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Lottery Results


Meet some of our winners...

Young people are not the only ones who benefit from our charities, activities, and programs in Australia. We make sure that our supporters do, too.

PCYC Lottery #78

Michael, who is 90 years old, is from the Sydney suburb of Oxley Park and has been a monthly supporter of PCYC NSW for 15 years. Michael won a Mitsubishi Outlander, a Mitsubishi Mirage, and a bonus cash prize for being a regular VIP supporter when his ticket was drawn late last year.

Michael said he supports PCYC because it is a youth charity and trustworthy – thanks to our partnership with NSW Police.

He plans on keeping the cars for his family members to use and will spend the cash bonus supporting his hobby of pottery. Thank you for supporting us Michael and congratulations on the win.

PCYC Lottery #79

She was lucky enough to receive the keys to her brand new Mitsubishi ASX and $5000 in spending money. PCYC NSW CEO Dominic Teakle thanked her for her support and asked why she bought tickets in the Art Union.

“When I was younger, 8-12 years I would go to PCYC and participate in activities. PCYC was always welcoming and provided inclusive activities which really helped me. I really respect PCYC as a charity and want to be able to give other young people opportunities like I had”, Shaylea said.

PCYC Lottery #84

Mischa from Queensland is the winner of the 2nd Prize in Lottery #84. The prize was a Toyota Corolla Hatch + $5000 cash.

“As a kid I spent time at my local PCYC for their school holiday program and loved every minute of it. Now, with my husband a member of the Queensland Police Force, I understand the impact PCYC has at a local level for young people from all backgrounds. We buy PCYC Lottery tickets to give back to those working so hard to support young people. Thank you PCYC for all the amazing work you do.”

Ticket NumberLottery #88suburbState
87954First PrizeColacVIC
412615Second PrizeWoy WoyNSW
189680Third PrizeSouth GranvilleNSW
Ticket NumberLottery #87suburbState
125406First PrizeGlen HuntlyVIC
375550Second PrizeAdaminabyNSW
304075Third PrizeMaroochydoreQLD
Ticket NumberLottery#86SuburbState
407738First PrizeSpringwoodQLD
360257Second PrizeKings LangleyNSW
200994Third PrizeKirwanQLD
Ticket NumberLottery#85SuburbState
235617First PrizeCowwarrVIC
377387Second PrizeSpring HillQLD
515893Third PrizeMudgeerabaQLD
Ticket NumberLottery#84SuburbState
78737First PrizeAscotQLD
137847Second PrizeTaringaQLD
474350Third PrizeRedbank PlainsQLD
Ticket NumberLottery#83SuburbState
294955First PrizeMount ColahNSW
219603Second PrizeBexley NorthNSW
162113Third PrizeTuncurryNSW
Ticket NumberLottery#82SuburbState
534228First PrizeYerongaQLD
48755Second PrizeBrunswickVIC
391707Third PrizeWaterlooNSW
Ticket NumberLottery#81SuburbState
486026First PrizeBrighton EastVIC
39931Second PrizeWaratah WestNSW
226479Third PrizeEmeraldQLD
Ticket NumberLottery#80SuburbState
245853First PrizeAvalonNSW
548043Second PrizeGracevilleQLD
552822Third PrizeCarraraQLD
Ticket NumberLottery#79SuburbState
363000First PrizeParkdaleVIC
59170Second PrizePenrithNSW
333067Third PrizeGladesvilleNSW
Ticket NumberLottery#78SuburbState
349651First PrizeOxley ParkNSW
443097Second PrizeUpper BurnieTAS
382229Third PrizeBilingaQLD
Ticket NumberLottery#77SuburbState
101299First PrizeBundaberg WestQLD
492261Second PrizeRaceviewQLD
532752Third PrizeWentworth FallsNSW
364617Fourth PrizeCoffs HarbourNSW
573020Bonus PrizeBluewater ParkQLD
488427Bonus PrizeBalnarringVIC
113623Bonus PrizeTrafalgarVIC
Ticket NumberLottery#76SuburbState
760487508First PrizeBuchananNSW
760093653Second PrizeNorth ToowoombaQLD
760384403Third PrizeMundingburraQLD
760095591Fourth PrizeHarristownQLD
761241043Bonus PrizeEmeraldQLD
760223859Bonus PrizeChurchillVIC
760065966Bonus PrizeHeidelberg HeightsVIC
Ticket NumberLottery#75SuburbState
750374879First PrizeLITTLE MOUNTAINQLD
750525451Second PrizeBRIGHTONVIC
750691611Third PrizeYOUNGNSW
750938710Fourth PrizeGRENFELLNSW
750312936Bonus PrizeBELLAMBINSW
750108816Bonus PrizeCLIFTON GROVENSW
750603356Bonus PrizeBROULEENSW
Ticket NumberLottery#74SuburbState
740597148First PrizeAROONAQLD
740092187Second PrizeNARRABUNDAHACT
741307924Third PrizeNGUNNAWALACT
740553274Fourth PrizeSHOREWELL PARKTAS
740415761Bonus PrizeKENSINGTONNSW
740438364Bonus PrizeSANS SOUCINSW
Ticket NumberPCYC Lottery#73SuburbState
730402211First PrizeMOUNT PRITCHARDNSW
730755299Second PrizeTAREENSW
731064362Third PrizeGREEN POINTNSW
731015885Fourth PrizeBANGALOWNSW
730169246Bonus PrizeLAIDLEYQLD
730464236Bonus PrizeWESTLEIGHNSW
730636429Bonus PrizeLOWTHERNSW
Ticket NumberPCYC Lottery#72SuburbState
720782747First PrizeCRANBROOKQLD
720649034Second PrizeHACKETTACT
720244334Third PrizeNINGIQLD
720669200Fourth PrizeHAMPTONVIC
720393918Bonus PrizeERSKINEVILLENSW
720912337Bonus PrizeOAKVILLENSW
720653076Bonus PrizeWARRIMOONSW
Ticket NumberPCYC Lottery#71SuburbState
710476789First PrizeGLEN IRISVIC
7710450183Second PrizeJULIA CREEKQLD
710408325Third PrizeROCKHAMPTONQLD
710044667Fourth PrizeCOFFS HARBOURNSW
710360023Bonus PrizeKELSONSW
710183337Bonus PrizeNUNAWADINGVIC
Ticket NumberPCYC Lottery#70SuburbState
700547694First PrizeLABRADORQLD
700068936Second PrizeEAST LISMORENSW
701028186Third PrizeASHMOUTNSW
700805624Fourth PrizePEAKHURSTNSW
701089952Bonus PrizeBIRKDALEQLD
701122306Bonus PrizeTWEED HEADS WESTNSW
700535431Bonus PrizeASHMOREQLD


March$10,000 CashChinchillaQLD
February$10,000 CashGunnedahNSW
January$10,000 CashLake MunmorahNSW
December$10,000 CashChapel HillQLD
November$10,000 CashTownsvilleQLD
October $10,000 CashSt IvesNSW
September$10,000 CashRobinaQLD
August$10,000 CashMontoQLD
July$10,000 Gold BullionBoronia VIC
June$10,000 CashRisdon ValeTAS
May$10,000 CashCurrumbin ValleyQLD
April$10,000 CashWaterlooNSW
March$10,000 CashZillmereQLD
February$10,000 CashAllambie HeightsNSW
January$10,000 CashHalekulaniNSW