Our Vision

PCYC is a charity empowering young people to reach their potential through state based police and community partnerships.

PCYC Mission

  • We get young people active in life
  • We work with young people to develop their skills, character and leadership
  • We reduce and prevent crime by and against young people.

The PCYC mission reflects core elements of PCYC’s work: our significant sports, arts, education and recreation activities focuses on young people; the values approach we seek to bring to the individual lives of young people involved in our leadership and police programs; and the unique partnership we have with Police in its work with young offenders and ‘at risk’ young people.

Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) is a charity empowering young people through Police and community partnership. PCYC promotes the welfare and development of children and young people with the explicit commitment to helping them energetically enjoy life through the provision of quality activities in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

Through a diverse mix of revenue sources PCYC strives to conduct relevant programs and activities for young people in the community. PCYC successes are reflected in less truancy, less crime and more young people feeling better about themselves, being more confident and more socially capable.

Our PCYC Lottery

Our PCYC Lottery is a charity lottery, also referred to as a raffle or art union. The PCYC Lottery raises significant funds to support youth development for the PCYC New South Wales, St Kilda PCYC, Tasmania PCYC, PCYC Queensland, and Canberra PCYC. Supporters also have the chance to win amazing prizes. Your support makes the difference!

Our History

PCYC was established in 1937 by Police Commissioner William John Mackay. It was a partnership forged with the community via Rotary and Police to provide young people with a safe and positive alternative to the streets.

William John Mackay was born in Scotland in 1885, and had grown up on the streets, in the industrial squalor of 19th century Glasgow. As a teenager, Bill Mackay discovered that the only places he could meet his friends was out on the streets. There were no organised games, activities or safe places. At age 19, William Mackay followed his father into the City of Glasgow’s police force. Looking for greater opportunities afield, Mackay immigrated to Australia and, in 1910 at the age of 25, joined the Police Force. In 1936, William Mackay, as the new Commissioner of Police, travelled overseas with a brief of “reviewing the methods of combating crime”.

In Norwich, England, he found a Police Boys Club that gave young people an opportunity to overcome some of the disabilities of their tough environment. He later visited Germany and Italy, and then the US, where he reviewed youth movements such as the Police Athletic League.

PCYC New South Wales, St Kilda PCYC, Tasmania PCYC, PCYC Queensland, and Canberra PCYC are state based entities. We share a common vision to empower young people to reach their potential. Collectively, we operate from hundreds of facilities across Australia as one of the leading youth focused organisations. Find out more about each state’s history simply by clicking on the logos below.